Americans are increasingly living longer and staying healthy, but some seniors may need assisted living to live their best life in the older years. Here are some signs to look for if you suspect it’s time to begin exploring senior care for your loved one:

Feelings of loneliness or isolation
A decline in health and increased frailty
Financial mismanagement
Poor hygiene

Chronic loneliness and a lack of community can cause depression and other health issues, while chronic medical conditions require more care with age. Seniors may struggle to manage bills and online payments, and can fall prey to financial scams while living alone. Hoarding can also pose dangers, such as blocking first responders and creating fire hazards. Additionally, seniors’ hygiene needs may increase, but some may fear falling in the bathroom, leading to less-frequent caring for themselves.

When seniors show these signs, it may be time to consider moving to assisted living community. At Peristyle Residences, our residents enjoy the core benefit of excellence around-the-clock care, but also the added benefits of a wide variety of fun activities and social interaction.

Learn more about our assisted living and memory care communities across Metairie and Jefferson at and reach out to discuss your family’s needs and to schedule a personal tour!